IHRPC combats the menace of consumption of alcohol and drugs by creating awareness and educating people about the ill effects of alcohol and drug misuse and to evolve cultural specific modes for prevention of drug abuse and its treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts including involvement in the control programs of STD/HIV/AIDS crises.


IHRPC offers and provides sound education and Skill development education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, caste, or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through all-round physical, intellectual, academic, moral and spiritual development based on values derived from life. To arrange and manage the training institutions in Typing, English speaking course, Academic classes, Competition classes, Shorthand, Computer, Cinema, Media, fine arts, crafts, Music, Painting, Silai, Kadai, Beautician, Modelling, Dancing, Yoga, Physical education and in other professional training subjects.


IHRPC offers human rights training to all the teachers and professors to ensure that they can educate the students in their schools and colleges, to spread the necessary awareness. These teachers and professors are trained to appreciate the hard work and motivate the students in building their careers by offering them job placement services and required training skills.


Every student should know about his/her rights; therefore, human rights education must be included in the school curriculum. Human Rights education is defined as training dissemination and information efforts that should be aimed at building a universal culture in all the schools and colleges. Topics like discipline, hard work, punctuality, value education, teamwork, unity, and a lot more can be added so that they become successful and also good human beings. The pieces of training can be conducted and delivered through seminars and conferences.

If we closely monitor the student behavior or study the graphs, we will notice that a lot of students nowadays are victim of depression, demoralization and bullying, who live in fear and not knowing what to do with their lives and who to approach for proper guidance. This is where IHRPC steps in. It provides and offers tons of counseling sessions. These counseling sessions may vary in nature and can be picked depending on each student’s requirement.

Member Of IHRPC

The members of IHRPC ensure to prevent discrimination, disrespect, and violation of human rights in any way and promote diversity as much as possible. Their responsibilities include:
Job placement services
Motivation, and

Public Service

IHRPC supports the working-class people in the public service sector, by educating them about the rights related to their work. They are provided with networks of officers and mentors from various fields across all sectors. Monthly pieces of training are provided to help them secure their position in public services by these officers and mentors.